Easytattoo® Soft Cleansing Gel

$9.99 CAD

Product Description

Intended for the daily cleansing of the tattoo, the Eaytattoo® Soft Cleansing Gel is hypoallergenic and moisturizing. Its formula, adjusted to the skin’s pH, has an emollient effect reducing itching caused by the tattoo. It respects the skin flora, protecting the tattoo and allowing a frequent wash.

How to use?

  1. Start by washing your hands with the soft cleansing gel.
  2. On your damp hand, put a dab of gel and gently clean your tattoo
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
  4. Wipe carefully by dabbing with a clean cloth

Did you know?
It is important to correctly clean the tattoo before applying an aftercare cream. For maximum effectiveness, the cream must be applied on a clean and dry skin. The tattoo will be brighter and the colors bolder.

Size: 125ml

Product complies with legislation dispositions of 2013
CPNP Notification n°1338924


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