PMU Magnum



FYT has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best cartridges on the market using the highest quality materials available.  Many great aestheticians have incorporated FYT Premium Cartridge Needles into their repertoire and have raved about the quality and affordability.  Proudly offering needle flexibility that is both sharp and strong allows the user to deliver minimum to medium implantation while minimizing trauma to the skin.  With an impressive selection of needle configurations to choose from, perfect crisp lines and soft shading will always be achieved.  The special construction of the cartridges assures that back-flow of bodily fluids do not contaminate the hand piece and are perfect for brow, lip, areola coverage, and other permanent make up services.

FYT PMU Cartridge Needles fit all standard tattoo machines and contain 20 Needles per Box.
NOTE: FYT Cartridge Needles have full safety silicone membranes to effectively eliminate cross-contamination.

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