Micro Round Liner Cartridges



Product Description

The specialty cartridge used with the handpiece makes switching from one needle configuration to another a breeze. The micro adapter which comes with the handpiece also allows the artist a greater option of needle configurations to choose from. The special construction of the cartridges assures that back-flow of bodily fluids do not contaminate the handpiece.

The 6 gauge, tight grouping ideal for laying in maximum colour. The #1 is perfect for nano hair stroke or shaded brows finely detailing eyes liner tails and scalper pigmentation. The #3 and #5 create crisp, classic upper, and lower liners. The #7 for wider euro eye liner.

*always use a new medical grade hdpe barrier sleeve when tattooing


Round Liner are available in the following:
Gauges: 6(0.20mm), 8(0.25mm), 10(0.30mm)


Contains 20 Pieces per Box.

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