What is the Best Tattoo Ink? Brands and Suppliers You Can Count on in Canada

Finding the best quality tattoo ink possible is critical to your success as an artist, but separating the best tattoo ink brands from low-quality alternatives can take time and effort.

So, what is the best tattoo ink for beginners or professionals alike?

As manufacturers and suppliers of some of the best tattoo ink Canada has to offer, we know it can be a difficult question to answer. That's why we've put together an in-depth guide exploring the world of tattoo ink, from the best formulations to the top brands and everything in between. 

We'll dive into the world of tattoo ink and explore what makes the best quality tattoo inks stand out. Let’s talk about why choosing the best tattoo ink brands matters for you and your shop.

Why You Need the Best Tattoo Ink as an Artist

Whether you are just dipping your toes in the waters of the tattooing world or you’re a seasoned pro with years of art under your belt, the quality of your final results will be affected by your choice of ink. The best professional tattoo inks on the market help amplify your tattooing skills and can breathe extra life into a vibrant design.

The best professional tattoo inks can help you build and maintain your reputation as an artist. Choosing the best ink for tattoos will help you create long-lasting designs that clients will love to show off to friends and family, creating a steady stream of referrals and repeat business.

Additionally, opting for the best ink for tattoos helps preserve the health and safety of both you as an artist as well as your clients. Top-quality inks are formulated to be free from harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause allergic reactions, infections, or other health problems.

Finally, the best tattoo ink for beginners or seasoned pros can actually make your job easier. High-quality ink is made to be easy to work with, which means that it flows smoothly and evenly, making it easier for you to create precise lines and shading.

The benefits of the best quality tattoo inks are nearly endless, but let’s switch gears to discuss how you can figure out which brands will be able to deliver high-quality results for your shop.

What Separates the Best Tattoo Ink Brands From the Rest?

Determining the best ink for tattoo artists can be trickier than it may seem, especially to an untrained eye.  Many brands will get part of the equation correct, only to fail when it comes time to actually put their ink to the test.

The best tattoo ink for beginners and professionals alike provides jaw-dropping vibrant colors and smooth application, backed by premium ingredients that focus on providing a safe experience for clients and artists. 

You’ll also want to look for brands that have a strong reputation among pros, along with an extensive quality control process to guarantee amazing results.

Consistent Color and Pigmentation

One of the first signs of the greatest inks on the market comes from consistent color and shading. The best inks guarantee consistent color and pigmentation through quality ingredients and precise pigment ratios during the formulation process.

High-quality tattoo ink manufacturers use advanced processes that ensure the ink is mixed thoroughly and that all of the pigment particles are evenly distributed throughout the ink. With consistent quality from batch to batch, you can rest assured as an artist that your colors will remain consistent.

High-Quality Ingredients and Formulation

Crafting top-quality tattoo inks requires a careful blend of premium ingredients and formulations. 

One of the most important ingredients is pigment, which is responsible for the color of the tattoo. The best inks use high-quality pigments that are finely ground and evenly dispersed throughout to provide consistent shading.

You’ll also want to look for ink with carrier solutions that include products like witch hazel or glycerin that help protect the skin during the process.

In terms of formulations, the best inks are often highly concentrated, containing a high ratio of pigment to carrier solution. This allows the ink to provide a more vibrant and long-lasting color along with smoother lines.

Long-Lasting Vibrancy and Fade Resistance

Top-quality tattoo inks are formulated with a mix of ingredients that ensure long-lasting, vibrant, and safe tattoos. Pigments made with organic materials like carbon or iron oxide help preserve the long-term vibrancy and help fend off fading.

The carrier solution also plays a critical role in ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results. The best carrier solutions are formulated to be highly stable and resistant to breaking down over time.

Smooth and Even Application

The consistency and flow of your tattoo ink will heavily influence you during the tattooing process. The best inks are formulated to have a consistent viscosity that is neither too thick nor too thin, though artists may have different preferences regarding their ideal ink flow rates.

Oftentimes, high-quality inks will include additional ingredients which will impact the flow rate in one way or another. 

Safety and Sterility Standards

High-quality tattoo inks are formulated to meet safety and sterility standards in several ways. Many dangerous chemicals are often found in lower-quality inks, including heavy metals like mercury, along with formaldehyde or rubbing alcohols.

Conversely, finding ink with safe and cruelty-free ingredients can help keep artists and clients safe.  You will also want to ensure your choice of ink is properly sterilized through methods like filtration or gamma radiation to remove any pathogens during manufacturing.

Extensive Color Range and Mixing Capabilities

The best inks on the market use high-quality pigments that are finely ground and suspended evenly in the ink. This allows for a wide range of colors to be created using just a few basic inks. You can also choose inks that come pre-mixed in order to save time and maintain consistency during the process.

Some of the best inks may also be formulated to be easily diluted or blended with other inks, allowing artists to create subtle variations in color and shading.

Reputation and Track Record in the Industry

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and the best inks come with a battle-tested reputation. Reputable tattoo ink manufacturers have a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality inks that are safe, consistent, and easy to work with.

Using reputable inks from top-quality brands helps give you peace of mind as an artist, knowing your art will end up exactly as you desire.

Endorsement and Recognition from Professional Artists

Strong word of mouth should also be paired with the recommendation of your fellow artists. The best inks are often endorsed by the best pros in the business. 

It is often common to find ink brands that have either been directly created or consulted on by top pros. It is crucial to choose inks that have seals of approval from seasoned veterans to guarantee consistent results for your shop.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control Processes

The best ink brands maintain consistent manufacturing processes paired with rigorous testing to ensure that their inks are consistent, safe, and high-quality.

One of the most important quality control tests comes through batch testing, which allows manufacturers to check for any flaws before sale. The ink may also be tested for sterility to ensure that it is free from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that could cause infection.

You’ll also want to look for brands that are committed to research and development in order to continually improve their products. This can include innovations in ingredient sourcing, tweaks to formulation to modify flow rate or consistency, or the testing of different additives.

There’s so much to consider when searching for the best tattoo ink Canada has to offer, so with all of the qualities you need to look for when shopping covered, let’s take a look at some of our favorite ink brands.

So, What is the Best Tattoo Ink in Canada? Top Quality Brands & Where to Buy Them

Our list of the best tattoo ink Canada has to offer is the result of our experience as artists and suppliers. We’ve been selling and manufacturing tattoo and piercing shop supplies for years, and we have done all the research to help guide you in the right direction while you search for tattoo ink.

So, let’s talk about why FYT Tattoo Supplies is Canada's best supplier and manufacturer.

First, What is the Best Place to Buy Tattoo Ink?

Our Canada tattoo supply shop here at FYT Tattoo Supplies is your one-stop shop for everything you need to stock up for your tattooing needs. We provide premium-quality tattoo ink in Canada that we have hand-selected to ensure our inventory only contains vibrant inks that won’t compromise on safety or consistency.

We also have tattoo machines, disposable tattoo grips, and tattoo cartridges that we manufacture ourselves, allowing us to guarantee amazing quality that will never let you or your shop down.

We are also thrilled to offer lightning-fast shipping times and free shipping in Canada on orders over $250.

Below is a list of some fantastic brands we offer, all quality-tested and vetted by us to ensure you get the ink you need to deliver outstanding results.

Dynamic Ink

Dynamic Ink is an excellent choice if you’re looking for ultra-bold black or white ink that will stand the test of time. Their selections are perfect for tribal art or intense shading, and they also offer Triple Black and Triple White for even more vibrancy.

With over 30 years in the business, Dynamic has built a strong reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is trusted worldwide, and for a good reason. Their color options are nearly endless, with over 60 pre-mixed shades that can tackle any design. No matter your preferred style of tattooing, from realism to neo-traditional, Eternal Ink’s selection will help your designs pop and last forever, helping you retain clients for life.

Industry Ink

Industry Ink has mastered the art of pigment consistency. We carry over 140 of their pre-mixed shades in our inventory, all of which deliver a smooth flow that will help craft perfect long-lasting designs.

They were founded by a veteran artist, and all of their products are made of organic, vegan chemicals, ensuring a safe experience for clients, artists, and the environment alike!

Solid Ink

Solid Ink was founded by a lifelong tattooer with a passion for creating top-quality inks and mixes. We offer over 80 different shades on our website, all crafted with premium ingredients that last a lifetime.

Solid Ink is trusted by several professional artists and is constantly at the cutting edge of innovation. All of their inks are formulated to maximize vibrancy and a smooth application that heals easily.

Not Sure Which Tattoo Ink is Best For You?

With all of these great options with wonderful reputations to go with them, you may still be unsure as to the best choice for your needs. The best ink for your shop will vary based on your preferred aesthetic style of tattooing, the types of needles you use, or your preference between pre-mixed solutions and custom-mixed options.

Thankfully, we are proud to offer the best customer support team in the world right here at FYT Tattoo Supplies. Our dedicated team has decades of combined experience as artists, manufacturers, and suppliers, so we are always ready and able to assist you while you shop.

You can reach out to us by email, give us a phone call, or even visit our Ontario-based shop five days a week. We love helping artists find the perfect fit for their shops, and that’s why we continue to be the most trusted supplier and manufacturer in Canada.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Tattoo Ink

Seasoned pros in the tattooing industry know that choosing the right tattoo ink is critical to your shop’s success. The best inks deliver vibrant, long-lasting results that will turn heads and ensure your clients become repeat customers that refer their friends and families to your shop.

A lot goes into the manufacturing process behind the best inks, including a precarious balance of pigments and carrier solutions to provide consistent robust color options without compromising on safety.

Searching for the best inks may seem daunting, but we’ve done most of the legwork for you. Here at FYT Tattoo Supplies, we’ve hand selected the best inks to help your designs stand out and last forever. Our years of combined experience offering premium quality tattoo supplies, including the best tattoo machines and best tattoo needle cartridges, have allowed us to cultivate a unique inventory of the best inks on the market.

So if you’re ready to take your designs to the next level, start browsing our inventory or reach out to our team with any questions you may have, and we’ll help you find the perfect ink for your shop that will leave your customers coming back for more!

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