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      Are you looking for FYT cartridges in Canada? Your search ends here. Our cartridges feature optimal accuracy and ink flow through the open shovel tip design. This means you get peak precision and create minimal damage - leading to the best customer outcomes. Get yours today and see the difference firsthand.

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      Optimal Accuracy Through Our FYT Cartridges Allows for Peak Precision & Minimal Damage!

      We probably don’t have to remind you just how crucial investing in the right tools and supplies is to the success of your business. Just as a painter is only as good as their brush, paint, and canvas, you are limited by your cartridges, ink, and machine.

      So many amazing artists are being held back by suboptimal setups. This leads to unnecessary stress and lower-quality results - but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can set yourself up for success by sourcing your essentials here at FYT Supplies.

      Across our catalog of FYT cartridges, you’ll gain access to a whole bunch of different styles - rounding out your arsenal with everything you could need. You never know who is going to walk through the door at your shop, and there’s no telling what they’ll ask for. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re ready for whatever comes your way by shopping here with us.

      So, shop now and upgrade your equipment and tattoo supplies in Canada all under one roof. Or, if you’re still not convinced, keep reading below to discover why Canada’s finest tattoo artists shop with us…

      Why Shop With Us?

      We’re among the few brands that don’t just sell tattoo needle cartridges - we manufacture them ourselves as well! This leads to a few benefits for you, the artist.

      For one, you enjoy lower prices on your supplies as we’re able to eliminate the middleman and the costs associated with them. That means you can stretch your budget further. 

      But, perhaps more importantly, this direct-to-consumer model means we’re able to constantly enhance our designs. We take feedback from artists and continually assess our products to get better and better. 

      With complete control over the quality and consistency of our cartridges, we’re able to maintain high standards of excellence. And we stand behind that quality with world-class customer support every step of the way. We’re passionate about body art - and are here to serve as an extension of your skills. 

      That means you can count on us to make it right if we ever miss the mark on your order. And when you have questions about which solution is right for you, we’re available via live chat and eager to assist you. And if you're still not convinced, here’s what a few artists like yourself had to say after making the switch to FYT:

      “Only place I go to for my tattoo supplies. Their brand of needless are really good quality and they carry everything you could possibly need. The group of guys is great too, super nice and friendly, and give great customer service. Highly recommend!” - Jessica

      “By far the best place we get our supplies from. Their customer service is always on point and our orders always come on time. We will definitely be ordering from here again island if you’re in the tattoo, SMP, or piecing world you should too.” - Unit Five

      “I only buy FYT cartridges. LOVE LOVE LOVE their needles!!! Price point for everything else is on point if not cheaper compared to most suppliers. I always recommend FYT to piers when they ask where I buy my supplies.” - Christopher

      Get FYT Cartridges in Canada Today & Reach Your Full Artistic Potential

      We also have a selection of upgraded needles - check out our FYT cartridges v2. Or, explore our PMU cartridges, SMP cartridges, or cheap tattoo cartridges. Of course, you can count on us for other essentials for your shop - including disposable tattoo grips, tattoo ink, and wireless tattoo machines.

      But for now, it’s time to get your hands on our FYT cartridges and see what a difference the right tools can make in your art!

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