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The best tattoo supplies. They have various brands and the best of course industry ink. Best grey wash set.
FYT cartridges are my go to choice when I tattoo. They are really good quality and very smooth.
And of course not to forget to mention, their customer service is amazing.
Fyt supplies are my go to and I recommend them highly


Only place I go to for my tattoo supplies. Their brand of needles are really good quality and and they carry everything you could possibly need. The group of guys are great too, super nice and friendly and give great customer service. Highly recommend!

Jessica Ku

Pro piercer for 6+ years and have always been getting my piercing supplies from here! Best customer service and extremely speedy shipping time!

Also, Jeff is a super cool dude!


Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Great energy! Chill, lowkey, and stocked with everything ‘tattoo’ you’d need. Loved that everyone was more than happy to chip in with helpful tips :) Definitely appreciated the samples as well! Good vibes all round !

Breton Lim

By far the best place we get our supplies from. Their customer service is always on point (thanks Jeff and Akash!) and our orders always comes on time. We will definitely be ordering from here again and if you’re in the tattoo, SMP or piercing world you should be too.

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