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      Industry Ink is one of the premier choices for tattoo artists of all skill and experience levels. With organic & vegan-friendly ingredients, easy workability, better healing, and bolder, brighter tattoos, there’s no wonder you’re looking for Industry Tattoo Ink. And, FYT Supplies has you covered with the full selection in Canada at unbeatable prices!

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      Give Your Clients the Tattoo Vibrancy and Safety They Deserve With Industry Ink at FYT Supplies!

      We all dream of ink that embodies perfect harmony as tattoo artists. You desire the balance between bold, vibrant pigments and the ease of application. A product that provides consistent saturation, minimal trauma, and facilitates a superb overall healing process. 

      What if you could transform that dream into reality? Industry Ink is here to make that happen.

      The genius behind the ink comes from the collective brilliance of Matt Kramer, a tattoo artist and shop owner, and Eric Watson, a veteran chemist. Together, they have harnessed the power of organic pigments and vegan-friendly ingredients to bring you an exceptional tattoo ink.

      Every bottle is a testament to their dedication to quality, safety, and, most importantly, the art of tattooing. They've accomplished a feat that many thought impossible: designing an ink that could consistently deliver better, brighter, bolder tattoos.

      Why Buy Industry Tattoo Ink at FYT Supplies?

      At FYT Supplies, we don't just offer products. We provide solutions that enhance your craft. We believe in helping you deliver stellar tattoos that leave your clients in awe. That's why we've proudly added the entire selection of inks by Industry to our lineup.

      Whether you're searching for a complete set of basic primary colors, a grey wash set, or an individual pigment to round out your arsenal, we've got you covered. With Industry Tattoo Ink, your creations will pop with an intensity that stands the test of time.

      We don't just talk the talk here at FYT Supplies. We stand behind the products we offer, and that's why we trust Industry Tattoo Ink. They share our ethos of investing in artists like you and equipping you with the tools to reach your full potential. Plus, with our excellent customer service and swift shipping, choosing FYT Supplies means making an investment in yourself.

      Don’t just take our word for it, either. See what our extensive clientele of Canada’s best tattoo artists had to say about shopping with us:

      “Great customer service, answered all my questions and helped me out a lot. Will always recommend fyt to everyone I know in the tattoo industry.” 

      “Been coming here within 5 years. Never disappointed with the products. All the employees are very friendly and always welcoming. Highly recommend coming here either you're just starting or already in the Industry.”

      “Best customer service in the tattoo industry 🔥

      Set Yourself Up For Success With Industry Ink Today!

      Why settle for less when you can offer your clients the best? Set your artistry ablaze with the vivid colors of Industry Ink. Impress your clients with tattoos that boast an unparalleled vibrancy, a testament to your talent.

      Of course, as the premier Canada tattoo supply shop, we have a wide variety of tattoo ink brands to choose from beyond Industry. Browse popular manufacturers like Solid Ink, Silverback Ink, Eternal Ink, Dynamic Ink, and more. You can also count on us for everything from tattoo cartridges to tattoo machines in Canada.

      But, you came here specifically for Industry Tattoo Ink. And if you want to set yourself up for success with ink that’s easy to use, safe for your clientele, and delivers vibrant, long-lasting results - you’ve made a great choice.

      At this point, the only thing left to do is choose which pigments or sets you want to add to your collection first. Take a look around or reach out for guidance - we’re here to help you reach your full potential at FYT Supplies!

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