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      Transform your SMP practice for the better with our selection of premium SMP pigments. Discover the potential of using the industry's finest pigments to provide the best possible service to your clients. Never stress about having the right shade again, and stop worrying about low vibrancy - shop at FYT Supplies today!

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      Perform the Best Possible Service With the Finest SMP Pigments the Industry Has to Offer!

      The essence of scalp micropigmentation lies in creating an illusion of fuller, denser hair  - a feat achieved through precise, artistic application of high-quality pigments. As an SMP artist, you understand the significance of using top-notch pigments that not only lend an incredibly natural look but also stand the test of time. 

      And while your skillset plays a key role in consistently achieving desirable results for your clients, it also comes down to the supplies you use. More specifically, the quality of the pigments you use can drastically affect the outcome of your work, influencing your clients' satisfaction and your reputation in the industry.

      You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. Why would you sell yourself short by settling for subpar pigments? You - and your clients - deserve better. 

      At FYT Supplies, we've curated a selection of SMP pigments that have been rigorously tested and vetted for quality and longevity. These pigments have been expertly formulated to ensure seamless blending, optimal retention, and the most realistic results. 

      With our collection, you're equipped to perform the best possible service, creating life-changing transformations that surpass your client's expectations. Just see what other artists had to say after sourcing their SMP supplies through us:

      “I made my first supply purchase for my new SMP business.  These guys were helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I was given a ton of product samples too. I will definitely be back.” - Melissa

      “Never had any issues with my orders. Excellent quality products.Speedy delivery even during lockdowns. Always get what I order, and sometimes they throw in a present which is nice.” - Rebel

      “Excellent quality supplies and exceptional customer service. Been using these guys for a long time!” - Mor ink Tattoo

      What Makes FYT Supplies the SMP Industry’s Most Trusted Provider?

      Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the most trusted provider in the SMP industry. Our service to you doesn’t end after the sale - it’s only just beginning. We want to create partnerships with artists like you that last a lifetime. So, we go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer support every step of the way.

      Of course, our products are as good as it gets, too. Our pigments for SMP artists are celebrated for their exceptional performance, boasting a smooth consistency, superior color retention, and a wide range of natural hues that cater to all skin tones. Your clients will be happy, and thus, you will be too. Everyone wins! 

      Be Prepared For Whoever Walks Through Your Door - Stock Up on SMP Pigments at FYT Supplies!

      Every client is unique, with distinct hair color, skin tone, and hair loss pattern. To cater to every individual's specific needs and preferences, you must be equipped with a versatile range of SMP pigments. Having the right shades at your disposal enables you to create tailored transformations that beautifully blend with your clients' natural features. 

      So, get all the variety you need today at FYT Supplies! While you’re at it, explore our other tattoo supplies - ranging from tattoo cartridges (such as our SMP cartridges), disposable tattoo grips, tattoo ink, tattoo guns, and more.

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