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      Your search for Perma Blend in Canada ends here at FYT Supplies - the #1 supplier of all things permanent makeup and tattoo supplies. From PMU pigments to aftercare, we’ve got everything your shop needs under one roof. And with world-class support every step of the way, what more could you ask for? Shop now and stock up on all your essentials!

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      Stock Up On All Your Essentials Through the #1 Provider of Perma Blend in Canada!

      When you embark on a career in permanent makeup, you’re setting out to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. You play an important role in their lives, and there is no feeling quite like helping your client love themselves more. 

      But, just as you play a significant role in their lives, the inks and supplies you use to perform your craft play a crucial role in your success. You likely know that you’re only as good as the products you use in your day-to-day. Why would you sell yourself short with anything but the best? 

      That’s why you’re here looking for Perma Blend in Canada - one of the most trusted manufacturers in the PMU industry. When you choose this brand for your inks and supplies, you're not just investing in premium pigments - you're setting the stage for your success

      These pigments are renowned for their vibrant, true-to-life colors that stand the test of time. They deliver the stunning, long-lasting results your clients crave, ensuring they leave your studio feeling confident and beautiful. 

      With these inks, you'll create captivating, unforgettable transformations that turn first-time clients into lifelong fans. And here at FYT Supplies, we’re proud to carry the full range of products from this world-class manufacturer.

      Why FYT Supplies is Your Trusted Source For All Things Perma Blend in Canada

      In the fast-paced world of cosmetic tattooing, it's essential to set yourself apart from the competition. We’re here to help give you the edge you need to distinguish yourself as a true professional through the best selection of supplies and educational support to back it all up.

      No two clients are the same, and your creative expression should know no bounds. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to build a collection that features an extensive range of colors and sets, ensuring you have the perfect pigment for any project. 

      From subtle enhancements to bold statements, you are free to let your imagination run wild and bring your unique artistic vision to life. And, we even offer application tools to help you bring it all to life.

      Artists around the world trust us as their supplier, and you can too. Here are just a few of the hundreds of five-star reviews we’ve earned over the years:

      “I have been shopping at FYT for a while now for my permanent makeup supplies and I have never been disappointed with the products or the customer service!” - Crystal

      “Great response time and amazing customer service. New to being a pmu artist, so they gave me a bunch of samples to try out and I couldn’t be more happy with their service. Will be doing all my equipment stock-ups with them.” - Mina

      “Everyone was really nice and super helpful. Found my go-to pmu supplier now. And the prices of pigments can't be beaten. 😊” - Catz

      Explore the Full Collection Today and Be Prepared For Whatever Comes Your Way!

      If you want to see the other PMU supplies we carry, explore our catalog. We have our very own lineup of PMU cartridges, which are crafted to the highest standards possible to help unleash your full potential as an artist. This is true of all the tattoo supplies we have to offer - including our tattoo ink, tattoo cartridges, disposable tattoo grips, tattoo machines, and more.

      But, if you’re ready to stock up on all your Perma Blend essentials, it’s time to take a look around and see what we have in store for you. Remember - you can always reach out or stop by for a personalized recommendation on which products you need, too! 

      We’re here to help you become the best artist possible - and the supplies we sell are just a small part of that. Our customer support team can be an invaluable resource along your career journey, so don’t be shy!

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