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      Looking for Dynamic ink in Canada? Here at FYT Supplies, we’re a trusted retailer of Dynamic tattoo ink, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the real deal. Shop now and set yourself up to create stunning art you’re proud of!

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      Create Stunning Art You’re Proud of Using Dynamic Ink in Canada!

      Whether you’re a new tattoo artist or a seasoned veteran in the industry, you’re well aware of what a significant role your supplies play in the final product. So many artists sell themselves short by cutting corners in their ink sourcing - and it shows in the end. 

      This is something we’ve set out on a mission to change. At FYT Supplies, we serve as an extension of your skills - empowering you to reach your full potential as an artist. 

      You can always count on us to deliver for you - and as a result, you’re able to effortlessly and consistently create art that helps you earn a local reputation as a go-to artist. And, here on this page in particular, we’re excited to unveil our selection of Dynamic tattoo ink.

      This is one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry. Since 1990, artists around the world have relied on Dynamic to help them bring masterpieces to life time and time again. Because these are some of the darkest inks you’ll be able to get your hands on, they’re perfect for outlining.  

      But, we also carry a full range of other colors - like the triple white ink from Dynamic along with their nonmixing heavy white ink. Across all these various colors, you’ll enjoy the same ease of application that has earned this brand a spot on shelves in tattoo parlors worldwide.

      So - take a look below and find the perfect tattoo ink for your shop. Or, if you’re still not sold on sourcing through FYT Supplies, keep reading below…

      Why Buy Dynamic Tattoo Ink at FYT Supplies?

      FYT Supplies has earned a reputation as the premier provider of tattoo supplies in Canada. This is all due to our commitment to helping you unleash your full potential and become a sought-after artist in your area. 

      What specifically separates our brand from the rest, though? After all, Dynamic is sold elsewhere too. But when sourcing through us, you get peace of mind. 

      Dynamic themselves has recognized the problem with counterfeit inks being sold under their brand name. Because we source directly through Dynamic, any concern you feel as to what you’re getting melts away. You always get the real thing when shopping at FYT Supplies.

      And, you also get world-class customer support every step of the way. Whether you need guidance choosing the right ink or you run into an issue after the fact and need us to make it right, we’re here for you on standby ready to help.

      To back it all up, we offer the other essentials you need to go along with your Dynamic tattoo ink. That includes our tattoo cartridges, disposable tattoo grips, tattoo machines, and more. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things tattoos - and you don’t just have to take our word for it:

      “Only place I go to for my tattoo supplies. Their brand of needles are really good quality and they carry everything you could possibly need. The group of guys are great too, super nice and friendly and give great customer service. Highly recommend!” - Jessica

      “Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Great energy! Chill, lowkey, and stocked with everything ‘tattoo’ you’d need. Loved that everyone was more than happy to chip in with helpful tips:)” - Breton

      “By far the best place we get our supplies from. Their customer service is always on point and our orders always come on time. We will definitely be ordering from here again and if you’re in the tattoo, SMP, or piercing world you should too.” - Unit Five

      Get the Best Prices and Customer Service on Dynamic Ink in Canada Here at FYT Supplies Today!

      You’re just a few clicks away from getting the best supply of Dynamic ink in Canada. But, we also offer Eternal ink, Industry ink, Silverback ink, and more! When we say you can count on FYT Supplies for all things tattoo, we mean it. 

      So, get your Dynamic tattoo ink today and empower yourself to achieve consistently remarkable results for every client that sets foot in your shop!

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