FYT Cartridges V2


      If you love our traditional FYT cartridges, wait till you have the chance to try out the latest and greatest. With a slim, textured tip for improved ink flow and our patented Stabilizer System for unparalleled steadiness and precision, these are your key to unlocking your full potential as an artist.

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      Experience the Latest and Greatest in Our FYT Cartridges V2!

      The canvas of creativity is where art comes alive, and at FYT Supplies, we believe in arming you with the finest tools to make your artistic vision a reality. 

      We're thrilled to introduce our newest and most advanced tattoo cartridges yet: the FYT Cartridges V2. These cartridges have been designed to elevate your craft, empower your creativity, and redefine the tattooing process.

      These are everything you love about our classic design, but better. Don’t just take our word for it, either. See what other artists throughout Canada had to say after getting the opportunity to try these out themselves:

      “I only buy FYT cartridges. LOVE LOVE LOVE their needles!!! The price point for everything else is on point if not cheaper compared to most suppliers. I always recommend FYT to piers when they ask where I buy my supplies.” - Christopher Fung

      “10/10 would recommend ordering tattoo supplies from FYT! Their cartridges are the best I've used, they are so smooth and comfortable to work with! I really like the V2 cartridges because they hold a lot of ink and feel like a ballpoint pen when you use them! If I could give them more than 5 stars I would because their product line is next level!” - Jelly Tat

      “Quality supplies at a reasonable price. FYT cartridges are fantastic” - Nathaniel Campbell

      What Makes This Version of Our Tattoo Cartridges So Special?

      Our FYT Cartridges V2 are not just another addition to your toolbox - they're a testament to the art of tattooing and our commitment to nurturing it. But what sets them apart? Why are they a game-changer in the world of tattoo artistry?

      Firstly, they stand out with their slim, textured tip designed to significantly improve ink flow. This feature ensures that your pigments are smoothly and accurately transferred onto the skin, allowing for more vibrant colors and seamless lines.

      But the innovation doesn't stop there. We've integrated our patented Stabilizer System into each cartridge, guaranteeing unmatched steadiness and precision throughout the tattoo process. Regardless of the design complexity or duration of the tattoo session, the V2 cartridges deliver consistent, outstanding results time and time again.

      Our Round Liners are available in a Long Taper, in configurations such as Regular Tight, Super-Tight, and Bugpin (0.30mm), catering to a wide array of tattoo styles. With 20 individually blister packed pieces in every box, we ensure your tattoo sessions uphold the highest hygiene standards.

      Beyond the exceptional features of these tattoo needle cartridges, what makes us your ideal tattoo partner is our brand ethos. 

      At FYT Supplies, we see ourselves as more than just a provider of tattoo supplies. We're your trusted partner, dedicated to helping you reach your full artistic potential. We understand the passion, the craftsmanship, and the precision it takes to create awe-inspiring tattoos.

      From our customer service team to our swift shipping, we're committed to ensuring your experience with us is seamless and satisfying. So, why not see and feel the difference in these cartridges firsthand?

      See and Feel the Difference Firsthand - Get Your FYT Cartridges V2 Today!

      The power to create awe-inspiring art lies in your hands, and our FYT Cartridges V2 are designed to support and enhance that power. Experience the blend of our innovation, precision, and high-quality materials designed to bring your vision to life.

      We have all the other tattoo supplies in Canada you need, too. That includes everything from a tattoo printer to tattoo guns, tattoo ink, and more. So, why wait? Elevate your craft, inspire with every stroke, and reach your full artistic potential today.