Magnum Shader Needles


      If you want to earn a reputation as the best tattoo artist in your area, a great first step is investing in your craft at FYT Supplies. Our magnum shader needles are a must-have in your arsenal for the versatility, safety, and precision they offer. Explore below and tap into your full potential with FYT Supplies! 

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      Harness the Versatility and Safety of Our Magnum Shader Needles at FYT Supplies!

      The perfect equipment often defines an artist's journey in the world of tattooing. You seek precision for that immaculate linework, versatility for those intricate shading techniques, and above all, safety to ensure the best results for your clients. 

      You aspire for tools that won't falter mid-session and needles that ensure consistent ink flow. But, finding such reliable gear? That's where the challenge often lies.

      Enter FYT Supplies – your trusted partner in sourcing high-quality, professional tattoo equipment. We proudly introduce our collection of needles for shading, specifically designed to overcome the common pain points in your tattooing process.

      We’ve earned the trust of artists throughout Canada and the USA, and we hope to earn yours. Here’s what a few artists like you had to say after shopping with us:

      “I have purchased tattooing supplies from this company and I recently reordered some shader needles. I appreciate the quality! Lets me achieve smooth blends with my black and greys, and that's very satisfying. Thanks!” - Elise McDonald

      “Would highly recommend this shop. Extremely friendly staff. I came into this shop as a new artist and they took the time to explain the different needles and even gave me tips on how to expand my career. Amazing experience!” - Patrick

      “Only place I go to for my tattoo supplies. Their brand of needles are really good quality and and they carry everything you could possibly need. The group of guys are great too, super nice and friendly and give great customer service. Highly recommend!” - Jessica Ku

      Why Shop With Us For All Your Tattoo Needs?

      Our Magnum Shader Needles stand out in the world of tattoo supplies with their industry-leading design. Crafted from the best tattoo needles available, these shaders come in a plethora of grouping configurations and tapers. This gives you the freedom and control you need, enabling you to effortlessly switch between different styles and techniques.

      What's more, these needles are equipped with a silicone membrane. This key feature is the game-changer you've been looking for, effectively minimizing cross-contamination during tattooing. With these needles, you can rest assured you're working with tools that prioritize safety just as much as performance.

      These shaders are available in Long or Medium Taper and in diverse configurations: Magnum, Magnum Curved, Bugpin (0.30mm), and Bugpin Curved (0.30mm). And to top it all, each box contains 20 individually blister-packed pieces, so your high hygiene standards are never compromised. 

      But why choose FYT Supplies? Because we're more than just a provider of tattoo equipment. We're a partner in your journey to greatness, a constant ally committed to helping you reach your full artistic potential. 

      Our fast shipping, excellent customer service, and dedication to offering top-tier tattoo products are what make us Canada’s most trusted tattoo supply source. We're here to support you as you create awe-inspiring tattoos that leave your clients coming back for more. What more could you ask for?

      Tap Into Your Full Potential Today With Our Magnum Shader Needles

      The right tools can make all the difference, bringing your artistry to life with precision and safety. Our needles are one such tool, designed to help you unlock new levels of creativity. With FYT Supplies, you're investing not just in a product, but in a partnership devoted to your growth as an artist.

      You can count on us for all the other tattoo supplies in Canada you need - including tattoo guns, tattoo ink, tattoo printers, tattoo needle cartridges, and everything in between.

      Don't settle for less. Elevate your craft, stand out in the vibrant world of tattooing, and experience the difference our Magnum Shader Needles can make in your work. Your journey to reaching your full potential starts here.