Stiletto Disposable Septum Clamps
Stiletto Disposable Septum Clamps

Stiletto Disposable Septum Clamps


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Product Description

Our Septum Clamp is perfect for piercers. Our disposable plastic clamp comes in two sizes. This innovative clamp helps you find the sweet spot, The camp keeps your needle straight unlike any other clamp on the market.  The small size allows only 18 and 16 gauge needles and the large size is for 14 and 12 gauge needles.  If you have the clamp on straight and positioned in the sweet spot the needle has no choice but to stay straight ensuring a quick and secure piercing. Even if start out with the needle crooked the tool straightens out if you have the correct needle for the right clamp. With easy placement and secure hold, you can depend on the Stiletto Septum Clamp.


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