FYT Hardline Round Liner Cartridges
FYT Hardline Round Liner Cartridges
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FYT Hardline Round Liner Cartridges


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  • Silicone Membrane that prevent fluid/liquids from flowing back into the device.
  • Health Board Compliant
  • 20 Cartridges per Box
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Product Description

"The future of tattooing is finally here" with our all-new FYT Hardline Series. Designed to work with the hardest-hitting machines in the market, these new cartridges boast an all-new design allowing you to create flawless artwork with ease.

Round Liner (RL) needles are configured in a tight circular formation. They are designed for creating fine lines and detailed work, as the closely packed needles deposit ink in a concentrated manner. The main characteristics of round liners include:

  • Configuration: Needles are soldered in a circular pattern.

  • Use: Ideal for outlining tattoos, precise lines, and detailed work.

  • Thickness: Varies, with standard round liners typically offering medium to fine lines depending on the number of needles in the grouping (e.g., 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, etc., where the number indicates the number of needles in the cluster).

Round Liner Tights (RLT) are a variation of the standard round liner. The difference lies in the arrangement and proximity of the needles:

  • Configuration: Needles are soldered even closer together than standard round liners.

  • Use: Produce finer, more precise lines due to the tighter grouping. They are excellent for intricate detail work and very fine lines.

  • Thickness: The tighter configuration allows for more controlled and sharper lines, beneficial for detailed designs and delicate outlines.

Round Liner Tight Bugpins (RLT Bugpins) take the concept of tight round liners a step further by incorporating thinner needles:

  • Configuration: Needles are arranged in a very tight circular formation with bugpin needles, which are smaller in diameter compared to standard needles.

  • Needle Diameter: Bugpins typically use a finer gauge, often 0.20mm to 0.25mm, whereas standard needles are usually 0.30mm.

  • Use: Perfect for the finest details, delicate shading, and ultra-fine lines. The combination of the tight configuration and the thinner needles allows for precision and less trauma to the skin, which can be advantageous for delicate or intricate tattoos.

  • Effect: Produces extremely fine and delicate lines, suitable for detailed and intricate work, such as small script or fine line art.

Summary of Differences

  1. Round Liner (RL):

    • Standard circular formation.

    • Suitable for general outlining and fine lines.

  2. Round Liner Tight (RLT):

    • Needles are closer together than RL.

    • Provides finer and more precise lines.

  3. Round Liner Tight Bugpins (RLT Bugpins):

    • Very tight formation using thinner (bugpin) needles.

    • Creates ultra-fine lines and is ideal for intricate and detailed work.

Practical Applications

  • Round Liners are commonly used for basic outlines and general line work in tattoos. They offer versatility and are essential for creating the framework of most tattoo designs.

  • Round Liner Tights are preferred when a tattoo requires more precision and finer lines than what standard round liners can achieve.

  • Round Liner Tight Bugpins are specialized for the most delicate and detailed tattoos, providing the ultimate control for fine line work and intricate designs.

Understanding these differences helps tattoo artists select the appropriate needle type based on the specific requirements of the tattoo, ensuring the best possible outcome for each design.

  • Durable 316 Stainless Steel: Built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in your sessions.
  • Modified Tension Silicone Membrane: Engineered for compatibility with the hardest hitting machines on the market, providing unbeatable precision and control. Also prevent fluid/liquids from flowing back into the device.
  • Diamond-Shaped Vent: Experience exceptional ink flow for consistent, bold and vibrant lines.
  • New 3-Point Stabilizing System: Enjoy rock-solid stabilization when lining and shading tight areas, allowing you to focus on your artistry without compromise.
      • Contains 20 Individually Blister Packed Pieces per Box.
      • Hardline Round Shaders come in a Long Taper.
      • Tip: Open or V2 (Closed).


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