Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer
Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer
Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer
Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer
Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer
Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer

Ozer Quick Stencil Wireless Tattoo Printer


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Product Description


Introducing the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer: Revolutionizing Tattoo Stencil Creation!

Elevate Your Tattoo Stencil Game with the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer!

Advanced Thermal Plate Heat Distribution Technology Experience unparalleled precision and clarity in tattoo stencil printing! The Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer is equipped with advanced thermal plate heat distribution technology, ensuring optimal heat application across every inch of the stencil paper. Say goodbye to smudged or distorted stencils and hello to crisp, detailed outlines. It's time to take your tattooing artistry to new heights!

Automatic Image Mirroring for Effortless Stencil Creation Gone are the days of manual image mirroring for stencil preparation! The Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer features an innovative automatic image mirroring function. Simply load your design, and the printer will intelligently flip it horizontally, saving you valuable time and effort. Create flawless stencils with ease and let your creativity flow without limitations!

Automated Paper Feed for Seamless stencil printing. Forget about manually feeding each stencil sheet! The Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer is designed with precision automated paper feed mechanism, ensuring smooth and seamless stencil printing. Just load your stencil paper, and the printer takes care of the rest. Streamline your workflow, maximize your productivity, and focus on what matters most—creating stunning tattoos!

Unleash Your Tattooing Potential with the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer! Whether you're a seasoned tattoo artist or just starting your journey, the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer is your ultimate tool for precise stencil creation. From intricate designs to elaborate compositions, this printer brings your visions to life with unmatched accuracy and detail. It's time to elevate your tattooing artistry to a whole new level!

Get Your Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer Today! Own the future of tattoo stencil creation by getting your very own Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer. Visit our website or reach out to your nearest authorized retailer to place your order. Unleash your creativity, streamline your process, and leave a lasting impression with every tattoo! Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation. Get your Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer now and revolutionize the way you create stunning tattoo stencils!



  • Print resolution: 203PDI
  • Effective printing width: 216MM
  • Printing speed: 13-15MM/S
  • Print density: thick, moderate, light
  • Transfer paper width: 216MM
  • Operating system: IOS/Android
  • Connection method: Bluetooth4.2/TYPE-C
  • Print head life: 50KM Power supply mode:
  • built-in lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 1200MAH
  • Product weight (bare metal): 915G
  • Single package weight: 1000G
  • Product size (bare metal): 320*68*41MM
  • Single package size: 355*110*82MM
  • 1 Year Warranty with the Manufacturer 

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Ozer Quick Stencil Printer
    • 1 x Velvet Carrying Bag
    • 1 x USB Stick
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

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