What are the Best Tattoo Cartridges in 2023?

Opting for the best tattoo supplies possible can bolster your reputation and results as a tattoo artist. Top professionals are constantly searching for the newest innovations to consistently deliver a hygienic experience that never compromises aesthetic quality.

So, what are the best tattoo cartridges on the market? 

Our shop here at FYT Supplies has you covered. We personally manufacture our tattoo needle cartridges, unlike many wholesalers, allowing us to fill our inventory with top-quality cartridges that will always satisfy you.

With so many options on the market, how can you be sure our selection is truly the right source for your shop? In this guide, we will explore what separates the best tattoo needle cartridges from the rest to help you feel confident sourcing your supplies from us. Let’s start with a look at how your choice of cartridges can make or break your shop.

Why You Need the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridges

An artist is only as good as their tools. If you cut corners with low-quality cartridges or, worse, use needles in place of cartridges, you will be greatly capping your potential results.

The most outstanding tattoo needle cartridges offer your clients a safe and hygienic experience, cutting down on pain and discomfort. These cartridges offer a consistent and stable housing for the needle within, ensuring you won’t be spending excess time re-doing lines on repeat.

Needle sharpness is also critical to your final result, as low-quality needles can fail to penetrate the skin quickly, causing deflection, which is detrimental to the final result and very painful for clients.

Safety & Hygiene

The health and safety of your clients are paramount for any artist, and the best tattoo needle cartridges on the market go above and beyond to provide a safe experience. When shopping for tattoo needle cartridges, choose individually packaged cartridges created for single use, ensuring you do not cross-contaminate your needles.

Top-quality tattoo needle cartridges also have a membrane system that drastically lowers the risk of cross-contamination. Lesser tattoo cartridges without a membrane run the risk of contaminating your machine or grip with ink and bodily fluids that can destroy the hygienic integrity of your tattoo machine.

Delivering High-Quality Results

In a sea of tattoo cartridges that are merely adequate, the best cartridges on the market go above and beyond to deliver a fantastic result. Even legendary artists can only produce within the constraints of their tools, so it is crucial to ensure your cartridges are setting you up for success.

The best cartridges on the market include high-quality, sharp needles that penetrate the skin precisely. Sharp needles allow you to craft crisp and clean lines and shading throughout the process. Top-quality cartridges are also manufactured consistently, with identical sizes and shapes that won’t cause unsightly disruptions when shading or creating lines. Your choice of tattoo needle cartridge should also provide an efficient ink flow that avoids haphazard shading and color. 

Minimizing Pain and Discomfort

Needle sharpness is also crucial in reducing the pain and discomfort your client feels during the process. With top-quality manufacturing and enough sharpness, the best cartridges can quickly penetrate the skin without excess pressure. Sufficiently sharp needles also encourage a more efficient ink flow to the skin, reducing the need for multiple passes, which can help minimize the discomfort to your client.

Reducing Needle Deflection

Needle deflection can throw a wrench into the tattooing process, occurring when your needle cartridge bends or flexes. A few culprits can cause this, with one of the most notorious offenders being dull needle cartridges that bend at the first sign of resistance from your client’s skin.

Needle deflection can cause uneven lines, poor shading, or issues with color, significantly hampering the final result. High-quality cartridges with sufficiently sharp needles avoid this issue, ensuring you won’t have to spend multiple passes on a line and saving your client from excess discomfort.

Enhancing Artistic Precision

Stability is the name of the game when it comes to tattooing, and the best cartridges are significantly more stable than other options on the market. A well-manufactured cartridge keeps the needle securely in place, reducing the risk of deflection. Be sure to opt for a cartridge with a high-quality membrane system, as this also helps secure the needle, greatly enhancing your precision.

It is important to remember that only cartridges with a high-quality manufacturing process provide you with consistency across cartridges. The last thing you want when tattooing is to switch cartridges only to realize that your new cartridge produces significantly different lines, jeopardizing your final result.

What Separates the Best Tattoo Cartridges From the Rest?

Tattoo cartridges are a clear winner for tattoo shops, but what are the best tattoo needle cartridges on the market?

Needle sharpness is a central tenet that helps separate the best from the rest. Sufficiently sharp needles penetrate the skin quickly, minimizing discomfort and ensuring strong ink flow and even lines. The best cartridges also contain additional safety features, like silicone membranes and individual packaging, providing a sterile, cross-contamination-free experience.

The best tattoo needle cartridges will also not break the bank, thanks to their high quality, allowing them to remain durable during the process without compromising quality.

Superior Needle Material and Quality

The best cartridges include premium quality materials providing enough durability while also contributing to an efficient and beautiful final result.

The needles within cartridges are crafted with top-quality stainless steel that is sharp enough to handle any type of skin, allowing for clean and precise penetration. Sufficiently sharp needles are critical to minimizing client pain and the risk of needle deflection, which are notorious for affecting the final result.

The best cartridges also include top-quality medical-grade plastic capable of withstanding the tattooing process and a medical-grade silicone membrane that significantly mitigates the risk of cross-contamination.

Advanced Membrane Mechanisms

The membrane inside your tattoo cartridge serves as a critical barrier of protection, shielding your machine and grip from dangerous bodily fluids and ink, which can cause issues with cross-contamination. When shopping for the best tattoo cartridges, look for membranes with backflow protection that provides an extra layer of protection against ink and fluids.

The best cartridges on the market are self-sealing, keeping the needle inside the cartridge sealed away when not used and preserving sterility.

Consistent Manufacturing and Sterilization Processes

The specifics of the manufacturing process can make or break the quality of a tattoo cartridge. Consistency within cartridge manufacturing is crucial, as any deviations in the size or shape of your cartridges can cause uneven lines between cartridges. Additionally, pre-packaged needle cartridges are the only way to guarantee a sterile needle, and your seller should be able to describe the sterilization process in full detail to ensure a safe experience for your clients.

Variety of Needle Configurations and Sizes

High-quality tattoo needle cartridges are compatible with a wide range of tattoo machines, ensuring you won’t need to spend hours searching for the perfect fit for your machine. This versatility also assists you during the tattooing process, giving you peace of mind that your purchase of cartridges is fit for any use case that comes up while tattooing.

Affordable Prices That Won’t Break the Bank

So many factors determine the best cartridges from the pretenders, but you should not have to destroy your wallet to find sufficiently sharp needles that won’t harm your clients. Choosing a supplier that manufactures their needles allows for competitive pricing and guarantees a solid final result. Additionally, the best cartridges are durable enough to last longer than inferior options, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

So, What are the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridges in 2023?

The best tattoo needle cartridges are right here at FYT Supplies! We personally manufacture our needle cartridges, ensuring a hygienic experience with the sharpest needles around. Our sharp needle cartridges will allow you to provide a comfortable tattooing experience, eliminating the need for excess lines during the shading or color stages.

We also offer the best customer service in the business, as our expert team is always available to help find the perfect fit for you and your shop.

You Can Count on FYT Supplies For All Your Cartridge Needs!

On the hunt for tattoo supplies in Canada? Here at FYT Supplies, we offer everything tattoo & piercing shops need to flourish. From the best tattoo machines on the market to top-quality needle cartridges that won’t compromise safety, our inventory is ready to take your tattoo game to the next level.

Unlike many wholesale suppliers, we manufacture our tattoo needles, allowing us to guarantee top quality. Our dedicated and expert customer service team guides you through every step of the process. Whether you are fresh off an apprenticeship, need clarification on the best tattoo cartridges, or are a seasoned pro, drop us a line at any time.

FYT Cartridges

FYT is proud to offer the latest cutting edge in tattoo cartridges. Our just-released Hardline cartridges feature incredibly durable stainless steel that pairs beautifully with the strongest machines on the market.

Hard Line cartridges also contain a silicone membrane and a 3-point stabilizing system that provides best-in-class precision and control. There is no better choice if you are looking for cartridges that reflect your skill as an artist.

Our inventory is full of top-quality needle cartridges, including our FYT cartridges and FYT cartridges v2. These ultra-sharp needles won’t bend when confronted with tough skin, and every cartridge is equipped with a medical-grade silicone membrane ready to keep any ink or bodily fluids from your machine or grip.

We manufacture our own needles, unlike most wholesalers, allowing us to guarantee our needle cartridges are sharp enough to handle any challenge. We also offer a wide variety of tips, all manufactured with a consistent process to provide peace of mind to artists during the process. Our V2 line also offers improved ink flow, which helps to significantly raise the odds your first pass gets the job done, providing a minimal pain experience for your clients.

PMU cartridges

Our PMU cartridges are perfect for permanent makeup artists, offering exceptional results. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we have crafted a precise needle perfect for the fine lines and shading required, especially when performing lip lining and eyeliner procedures.

SMP cartridges 

Are you a scalp micropigmentation expert? Our SMP cartridges are up to the task. Whether you need to reconstruct an entire hairline or just need density fills, our inventory contains multiple sizes to help you deliver outstanding results.

Cheap Cartridges For Artists Shopping on a Budget

With prices constantly rising, finding a reliable source of budget-conscious tattoo cartridges can take time and effort. Our cheap tattoo cartridges may have a lower price tag, but they still deliver the top-quality typical of our inventory. We often overstock specific cartridges, allowing us to offer deals, and our loss is your gain! Due to their sterilized individual packaging, these cartridges still contain sharp needles and provide a safe and hygienic experience.

The deals in this section also include discontinued cartridges, so if you have a personal favorite that is going away, be sure to stock up before it is too late!

Not Sure Which Tattoo Needle Cartridges are Best For You?

FYT Supplies is here to help! Our dedicated customer service team has seen it all, and we are ready and able to assist. Whether you have detailed questions about our manufacturing process and need peace of mind to keep your stellar reputation handy or are fresh off an apprenticeship and unsure which cartridges fit best for your machines, we are ready to provide guidance.

Every product page has a contact form where you can submit questions on a specific item, or feel free to call us at any time. Our customer service experience does not stop the moment you order, so if you have any questions about your order, just drop us a line or stop by our Ontario office!

Bringing Our Conversation on the Best Tattoo Cartridges to a Close

Your choice of tattoo cartridges is an important decision that can make or break your reputation as an artist or shop. Weaker cartridges or needles will often be too dull, causing a painful experience for clients and running the risk of excess lines or shading that can ruin a fantastic design. 

The best tattoo needle cartridges provide ultra-sharp needles with a consistent manufacturing process and safety features like silicone membranes that mitigate the risk of cross-contamination.

If you are looking for a supplier, FYT Supplies has you covered. Thanks to our control over our own manufacturing process, we can guarantee top-quality sharpness and safety features on our cartridges, ensuring our artists can flourish without being hampered by their tools. We also offer everything a tattoo shop can desire, from wireless tattoo machines and disposable tattoo grips to all the tattoo ink you could ever need.

Still trying to figure out where to begin? Our dedicated customer service team is standing by to help. Whether you want to call, email, or visit us in our Ontario office, we have decades of experience to help you find the best tattoo cartridges for your needs.

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