Silverback Tattoo Inks


      Backed by more than two decades of tattoo artistry, Silverback Ink is one of the most sought-after brands in Canada. And here at FYT Supplies, we’re proud to offer the full range of Silverback Tattoo Ink to help you experience unprecedented consistency and precision in your art!  

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      Experience Consistency & Precision With Silverback Ink at FYT Supplies!

      When it comes to black and grey tattooing, the devil's in the detail. A degree too light, and the image fails to pop. A shade too dark, and you lose the intricacy of your design. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and hello to the ultimate in precision: Silverback Ink.

      Since 2005, Silverback has been revolutionizing the game with "The Original" Grey Wash Series. Offering a complete range of options akin to a color palette, but for black and grey tattoos, Silverback adds a new layer of versatility to your craft.

      No more relying on "dipping" and guesswork. With these inks, every shade of grey comes pre-mixed for you, adding an unprecedented level of consistency to your tattooing. Designed by a professional tattoo artist with over two decades of experience, Silverback Tattoo Ink boasts the highest quality ingredients for smooth, fast, and even application.

      And here in our Canada tattoo supply shop, you’ll gain access to the full range of inks at exceptional prices with world-class customer support. What more could you ask for?

      What Makes FYT Supplies Canada’s Most Trusted Provider of Silverback Tattoo Ink?

      At FYT Supplies, we pride ourselves on being more than a store. We're a partner in your craft, striving to provide you with top-tier tools that help you express your artistry to its fullest. That's why we are proud to offer the industry-cherished Silverback Tattoo Ink, known for its precision and consistency.

      We understand the art of tattooing and appreciate the importance of reliable supplies in achieving the perfect result. Regardless of the intricacy or style of your design, with these inks, you can create signature series that impress your clients and showcase your artistic prowess.

      Beyond our high-quality product lineup, we’re here for you with unmatched customer service. No matter your question or concern, our team is ready to help. And with our swift shipping, you'll be creating masterpieces in no time! 

      Here are some specific examples of why Canadian artists keep coming back to us to re-stock or upgrade their equipment, time and time again:

      “Fast shipping and good quality, reliable products! Love the array of products they’re always adding. Always recommend to other workers to check this company out!”

      “Best supply shop for all your needs. Amazing staff with a friendly and hilarious attitude! Been going for years and am in love! 100% worth it!”

      “FYT supply is the only spot to pick up your tattoo supplies! Quick, easy and professional.”

      Arm Yourself With the Top-Tier Silverback Ink You Deserve Today!

      Ready to redefine your black and grey tattooing? Unlock the power of consistency, precision, and versatility with Silverback Ink. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace the assurance of quality that comes with every drop of.

      Now, there is no denying the consistency and ease of use of Silverback tattoo ink. But if you want to explore other tattoo ink we have in store for you, we have a few recommendations. Our most popular brands are Solid Ink, Eternal Ink, Dynamic Ink, and Industry Ink

      If you’re looking for a recommendation based on a specific use case, don’t play the guessing game. Get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

      After all, our true passion lies in helping other artists throughout Canada feel more confident and capable of performing their art and earning a reputation as the go-to artist in their city.

      So, whether you’re stocking up on ink or looking to overhaul your tattoo machine, you can count on us. Shop now and arm yourself with the best supplies to reach your full artistic potential and consistently exceed your clients’ expectations!

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