Solid Tattoo Ink


      Achieve your artistic vision with unrivaled precision and brilliance with Solid Tattoo Ink. Sourced at the best prices online, and backed with unbeatable support, only at FYT Supplies. You’re just a few clicks away from elevating your craft with the consistent, reliable inks that Solid is known for producing!

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      Source Solid Tattoo Ink at the Best Prices Online With Even Better Support - Right Here at FYT Supplies

      The journey of creating a masterpiece tattoo begins with choosing the right ink. As an artist, you need a pigment that offers the right saturation, brightness, and longevity, allowing you to bring your creativity to life exactly as you envision it. 

      This is where Solid Tattoo Ink comes into play. Developed by lifelong tattooer Federico Ferroni, Solid Ink is the epitome of quality, endurance, and safety in tattoo pigments. With a history of excellence, it’s no wonder this brand has earned a reputation as one of the most dependable in the industry. 

      And as an extension of your skills, we’ve worked hard to source Solid for you here at FYT Supplies. We’re proud to bring you the complete selection in order to help you achieve unparalleled results with every stroke. 

      Moreover, we offer these remarkable pigments at the best prices online, ensuring that quality never comes at the cost of your budget. With top-notch support along the way, it doesn’t get much better than this. See for yourself what keeps our artists coming back for more when their supply runs dry:

      “Always a great visit to the guys at FYT! Quality supplies, good guys, great service. Will never go elsewhere.” - Aiyanna

      “FYT has the best prices for all my supplies, tattoo ink, cartridges, barriers, and more! Always super fast shipping! Thanks, FYT!!!!! You rock!” - Taylor

      “10/10 would recommend ordering tattoo supplies from FYT! I really like the color selection of Solid Ink they have in stock and FYT always has sales and promotions going on! If I could give them more than 5 stars I would because their product line is next level!” - V Ra

      Below, we’ll explain further why artists around the world trust us with all their supplies - including Solid Ink.

      Why Tattoo Artists Around the World Trust FYT Supplies

      Trust is earned, and at FYT Supplies, we've earned the trust of tattoo artists around the globe through our relentless dedication to quality, affordability, and support. 

      We handpick the products in our collection, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards, and Solid Tattoo Ink is no exception. Known for its vibrant colors, excellent saturation, and longevity, it's the ideal choice for artists committed to delivering the best.

      Beyond offering superior products, we stand out for our commitment to our artists' success. Our support team is always ready to assist you, and our resources are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. 

      This level of care and commitment is why tattoo artists worldwide choose FYT Supplies as their go-to source for top-tier products like Solid Ink. So, why not experience the FYT difference firsthand today?

      Become Known as the Premier Artist in Your Area by Using Solid Tattoo Ink!

      Your choice of ink speaks volumes about you as an artist. It reflects your commitment to quality, precision, and longevity in your work.

      Don’t get us wrong - this is one of the most dependable, sought-after brands across the tattoo industry. But, we have other types of tattoo ink in store for you, too. That includes Dynamic ink, Eternal Ink, Industry Ink, Silverback Ink, and more.

      And, you can rely on us for all your other tattoo supplies in Canada. From tattoo needle cartridges to disposable tattoo tubes,, tattoo guns, and everything in between. 

      But, you came here for Solid Ink - so what are you waiting for? Take your art to the next level and become known as the premier artist in your area by sourcing your inks here today.