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      When you buy tattoo ink at FYT Supplies, you can rest assured you’re getting the consistent quality you deserve. Unlock a new sense of confidence and perform the best possible service for your clients by sourcing your ink for tattoos here with us. Shop the top brands at unbeatable prices, with world-class support every step of the way!

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      Buy Tattoo Ink in Canada at FYT Supplies - Where You Gain Access to the Top Brands Online!

      If you want to become known as the go-to artist in your area, simply practicing your technique and gaining experience isn’t enough. You need to set yourself up for success by using the best possible tools and supplies for the job.

      So many artists sell themselves short by using low-quality inks. This leads to poor color retention or premature fading, inconsistent flow, difficulty in application, and more challenges. But all of these can be summed up as one main result: you end up being inhibited by your supplies

      Your equipment is supposed to empower you to reach your full potential. And when you buy tattoo ink here at FYT Supplies, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. We’ve sourced the top brands in the ink game and offer a one-of-a-kind experience for artists like you. You’ll love shopping with us - just like these artists did:

      “FYT is my go-to tattoo supply company, I love the variety of products they offer, and everything is of high quality. If I ever have questions or need recommendations the FYT staff are always happy to (and quick to) help.” - Kristine

      “Every time I visit, I leave a happy customer! The staff there are wonderful. Very professional, and pleasant individuals. They have amazing customer service and knowledge of product, which is what I look for when shopping for new equipment, etc. They go above and beyond and I always leave feeling like a better artist. I highly recommend giving these guys a visit!” - Shann

      “Whatever I say is not enough to explain the good energy and the greatest help they offered me in the store. So much knowledge and very much passionate abt their profession is amazed me, they helped me so much by offering me samples and sources to learn more. I truly can't express my feeling about my experience, love u  guys and wish u all the best 💓” - Sanaz

      These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we’re honored to have earned from Canada’s most amazing artists. If you’re still not convinced we’re your trusted source for all your ink for tattoos, keep reading to discover a few more reasons we’ve found a home in tattoo shops throughout all of Canada!

      Why Buy Tattoo Ink at FYT Supplies?

      With years of experience in the tattoo industry, we know what separates the best inks from the rest. That means you can rest assured you’re only getting the finest inputs possible by shopping here with us. Never stress about sourcing again - it’s time to enjoy peace of mind so you can just focus on performing the best service possible!

      But perhaps the most common reason tattoo artists throughout Canada choose us with their ink needs is the vast variety we have in store for you. That includes Dynamic ink, Eternal ink, Silverback ink, Industry ink, and Solid ink

      And if you’re looking for advice on which specific formulation to go with, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re available via live chat and pride ourselves on the reputation of our customer support team. Don’t be shy - we’re eager to help you elevate your craft by serving as an extension of your skills!

      Get Your Ink for Tattoos Today and Perform the Best Service Possible for Your Clients!

      So, what are you waiting for? Get the quality ink for tattoos you need to provide an exceptional service that keeps customers coming back for more - and bringing their friends with them! 

      We also have all your other tattoo supplies in Canada in our catalog. That includes our tattoo cartridges, tattoo pen machines, disposable tattoo grips, and everything in between. Experience the FYT Supplies difference firsthand today!

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