Stiletto Piercing Needles- 18G

$15.00 CAD


Product Description

You have to try these SUPER Sharp needles, Many piercers have used the words "game-changer". We have been testing levels and points for about 2 years and have perfected what we feel is a "drag" free needle.

Our needles come as normal piercing needles and brand new designs as well allowing to you pierce faster and in many cases not needing to use taper pins.

These innovative needles allow you to perform faster piercings, giving your client a better piercing experience.


  • 18 Gauge
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Contains 50 Individually Blister Packed Pieces per Box
  • Press Fit needle end fits all threadless barbells and circular barbells
  • Standard needle end fits all threaded barbells and circular barbells

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