Inkjecta Tattoo Machine


      Looking for an Inkjecta Tattoo Machine in Canada? Your search ends here at FYT Supplies. Don’t be limited by your tools and equipment any longer, take the next step in your career and tap into your full artistic potential today!

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      Tap Into Your Full Artistic Potential With an Inkjecta Tattoo Machine at FYT Supplies!

      In the realm of tattoo artistry, your magic is unveiled through the tools you master. What if you could channel that magic through a device that offers unparalleled quality and a plethora of adjustment options?

      Welcome to the world of Inkjecta Machines - where power meets precision and innovation knows no bounds. Inkjecta, an Australian-based tattoo machine manufacturer, has revolutionized the industry with its hand-built, rotary tattoo machines. 

      These machines are meticulously designed, developed, and produced in Australia and are renowned for their high reliability and smooth, powerful motor performance. Crafted with a special Faulhaber motor and equipped with an RCA connection, every Inkjecta machine promises an artistic experience like no other.

      With their inclusive range of the Flite Nano series, Eclipse machines, and an array of accessories, Inkjecta is the epitome of high-quality, customizable tattoo machinery. And, there is no better place to invest in your craft as a Canadian tattoo artist than right here at FYT Supplies.

      What Makes FYT Supplies the Premier Provider of Inkjecta?

      At FYT Supplies, our commitment goes beyond simply offering top-tier products. We strive to provide solutions that amplify your craft and help you reach your full artistic potential. That’s why we've curated a comprehensive selection of Inkjecta machines and accessories.

      Our partnership with Inkjecta echoes our shared dedication to you, the artist. We’re here to equip you with the best tools, like the globally revered Inkjecta tattoo machines, known for their high reliability and extraordinarily smooth motor operation.

      But our support doesn’t stop with high-quality products. We’re committed to helping you every step of the way, from our top-tier customer service always ready to answer your questions to our swift shipping that gets your tools to your door in no time. With FYT Supplies, you’re not just buying products; you're investing in your artistic journey.

      Still not convinced? We hope seeing what other artists had to say about partnering with us will leave you feeling confident that you should give us a chance:

      “Wonderful company and people. Took the time to show me all the products. The price was amazing and high-quality materials. I will be a forever customer.”

      “I have been using FYT now for a few years and not only are their products all great they get your orders to you super fast I’m so glad I found this company.”

      “FYT is my go-to tattoo supply company, I love the variety of products they offer, and everything is of high quality. If I ever have questions or need recommendations the FYT staff are always happy to (and quick to) help.”

      Don’t Limit Yourself Any Longer - Take Your Artistry to the Next Level With an Inkjecta Tattoo Machine Today!

      Ready to unleash your true artistic potential? The time has come to take your craft to a whole new level with an Inkjecta Tattoo Machine. Whether you’re crafting intricate designs or bold statements, an Inkjecta machine lets you do it all with an ease that can only be described as transformative.

      If you’re not quite sold on Inkjecta, that’s ok. We have other tattoo machine manufacturers here in our catalog, including the industry-renowned FK Irons tattoo machine. And, as the most trusted Canada tattoo supply shop, we have all your tattoo ink, tattoo grips, tattoo cartridges, and more.

      So, what are you waiting for? Start comparing manufacturers and models, or reach out and we’ll guide you through this journey to help you feel confident placing your order. After all, we’re not here to sell you supplies. We’re here to empower you to become the best artist in your area.