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      Color is more than just a visual element in your tattooing arsenal. It's the soul of your design. What better way to bring your art to life than with our premium tattoo ink sets? With FYT Supplies, you don't have to compromise on quality or variety - stock up on your favorite brands, colors, and styles with one simple, affordable purchase today!

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      Stock Up On Your Favorite Brands, Colors, and Styles With Our Tattoo Ink Sets!

      In the heat of creative inspiration, the last thing you want is to run out of your go-to ink color or discover you don't have the exact shade you need. Unfortunately, though, this is a common outcome for new and experienced artists alike.

      Fortunately, we’ve developed a way to prevent this frustrating experience from happening ever again. Our sets of tattoo ink are your palette of possibilities - bundled for convenience, quality, and affordability. 

      Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for years, our ink sets have you covered for every style, every mood, and every masterpiece.

      “Best place for all your tattoo supply needs! Love the ink selection.” - Erin

      “FYT has been absolutely amazing in supplying me through my tattoo career. my go-to place for inks, cartridges, machines and supplies.” - Mike

      “Super amazing products! Great deals and always knowledgeable staff helping you out with all your tattoo supply needs!” - Wendy

      Why Order Sets of Tattoo Ink at FYT Supplies?

      We're passionate about enhancing your toolkit for artistic brilliance here at FYT Supplies. Our commitment extends beyond the top-grade inks we offer. 

      We're renowned for our unbeatable prices, rapid shipping, and exceptional customer support. Here's a glimpse into the tattoo ink sets that set us apart:

      • Eternal Ink - 12 Color Set (Half Ounce): Our sample pack for those new to the Eternal ink brand. Featuring 12 primary colors like Lining Black, Bright Orange, and Light Purple, this set offers a spectrum of possibilities in compact, half-ounce bottles.
      • Industry Ink Basic Primary Set: When you need the fundamentals without the frills, this 12-color set of Industry ink delivers. From Everyday Black to Parma Violet, it's the essential palette for any tattoo artist.
      • Industry Ink Grey Wash Set and Opaque Grey Set: Whether it's soft shades or dynamic contrasts, our Grey Wash and Opaque Grey sets let you explore the full scale of greyscale artistry, with tones ranging from 10% to Extra Dark.
      • Solid Ink Mini Travel Set: With 12 incredibly versatile colors in a travel-friendly package, this set is an on-the-go artist's dream. Pass through airports with ease and never leave your favorite colors behind while harnessing the profound power of Solid ink.
      • Solid Ink Black Label Grey Wash Set: Crafted for the pros, these grey wash tones are perfect for realism, portraits, and any form of black and grey tattooing.

      Not sure which is right for you? Get in touch and our world-class customer support team will help you make the right choice. Or, stock up on all of them and see which you prefer working with. You can never have too great a selection of inks to choose from in your arsenal!

      Get All Your Favorites in One Easy Purchase With Our Tattoo Ink Sets Today!

      Your artistry deserves the best. With our carefully selected sets of tattoo ink, you’ll never have to settle for less again. Say goodbye to last-minute supply runs and hello to a full, vibrant palette of top-grade inks.

      Whether you prefer Dynamic ink or Silverback ink, Industry or Eternal, Solid, or any other sought-after brand in Canada, you can expect to find it here in our catalog.

      We don’t just sell tattoo ink in Canada, though. Take your craft up a notch with a new tattoo printer (we have a stencil printer collection and we offer tattoo stencil paper to match), tattoo machine, tattoo needle cartridges, and more.

      So why wait? Unleash your full creative potential and elevate your art to new heights with our all-inclusive tattoo ink sets. Order now!

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