Round Liner Tattoo Needles


      You know that an artist is only as good as their tools. That’s why artists trust FYT Supplies for all the necessities that go into tattooing. You can set yourself up for success with our round liner tattoo needles - designed to serve as an extension of your skillset and allow you to tap into your full potential as an artist

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      Set Yourself Up for Success With the Quality Round Liner Tattoo Needles You Need at FYT Supplies!

      In the realm of tattoo artistry, every stroke, every shade, and every line plays a significant role. It’s not just about crafting designs - it's about creating emotions, forging connections, and telling a story

      But like any master artist, your skills need the right tools to truly shine, especially when it comes to creating those defining lines and intricate details. If you’re still selling yourself short by using low-quality needles, you’re not just doing yourself a disservice - but your clients as well.

      That's where we step in. Welcome to FYT Supplies, your one-stop shop for superior tattoo equipment, including our standout collection of round liner needles. 

      We’ve used our passion over the years to make a name for ourselves as the most trusted supplier of tattoo essentials, and we’re proud to say that we have a five-star reputation across more than 300 reviews. Here are just a few of the testimonials we’ve earned along the way:

      “I've been using FYT supplies for 3 years, and they've always been great. Fast shipping, answers phones quick, and always reliable. I won't buy my needles anywhere else!” - Jessica Victoria

      “The best tattoo supply ever. As a permanent makeup artist, I have a good experience with FYT needles. Highly recommend the products.” - Sammy Brows

      “My fave ever - FYT is the best quality and I refuse to use anything else” - Serena Falzetta

      What Makes FYT Supplies the Most Trusted Source in Canada for Tattoo Essentials?

      At FYT Supplies, we take pride in being Canada's go-to source for quality tattoo equipment. Our fast, reliable shipping, unbeatable customer service, and commitment to providing only top-tier products are what set us apart. We're not just a supplier - we're a partner in your journey to reaching your full artistic potential.

      Our Round Liner Tattoo Needles are designed with professional tattoo artists in mind. Crafted from top-notch tattoo needles available on the market, they offer you the precision, control, and consistency that you need to bring your designs to life.

      Available in a variety of grouping configurations, these Round Liners provide the versatility to tackle a wide range of designs with ease. From the Regular Tight to Super-Tight and Bugpin (0.30mm), we've got a lineup that suits your unique style and technique.

      But it's not just about performance. We understand that safety is paramount in tattoo artistry. That's why these needles come with a silicone membrane, a feature designed to effectively minimize cross-contamination during your tattooing sessions.

      What's more, each box contains 20 individually blister-packed pieces. That means every new session can start with a fresh needle, ensuring optimal hygiene standards and peace of mind for you and your clients.

      Don’t Limit Yourself With Lackluster Tools and Supplies Any Longer - Get Your Round Liner Tattoo Needles Today!

      Unleash your creativity and see where superior tools can take your tattoo artistry. With our supplies, you can create detailed, vibrant tattoos that captivate and impress. These needles are more than just tools - they're the wand for creating magical art that truly resonates with your client.

      We also have magnum shader needles and other tattoo cartridges in our catalog - all crafted to the highest standards imaginable.

      But, we also have all your other tattoo shop supplies here. Whether you’re looking for the best tattoo ink in Canada or you want to upgrade to the top-rated tattoo machine in Canada, you’ll find what you need at FYT Supplies.

      Are you ready to take your artistry to the next level? Embark on your journey with FYT Supplies. Try our Round Liner Tattoo Needles today, and let us be a part of your evolution as a tattoo artist. Remember, a true artist never compromises on the quality of their tools. Invest in the best and see the difference it makes.

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